Level 2 Palliative Care Education for: Regulated Health Professionals at the Brockville General Hospital Wednesdays March 22 to April 26th, 9am to 4pm.  Contact Carol Northcott to register.

This webpage links to a variety of topics and assessment tools related to the care of the elderly.

This document lists a variety of open source resources regarding special considerations for older adults.  3 pages.

This assessment tool is  one of a number of practice supports and educational tools related to the evaluation and treatment of UTI ithe elderly for clinicians in LTC available from the Massacheusetts Coalition for the Prevention of Medical Errors.   See more at http://www.macoalition.org/evaluation-and-treatment-uti-in-elderly.shtml 


This pdf presentation examines the importance of recognizing UTI's in the elderly, specimen collection, treatment options and management strategies.

Dr. David Barber, Physician of Queen's University Department of Family Medicine, gave a presentation on Infections in the Elderly: Pneumonia and UTI to health care professionals in South East Ontario on April, 12. 2016.  A copy of the pdf flyer and presentation are available below.