The Age-Friendly Kitchener project was successful in achieving all of the originally planned deliverables.  This included establishing an advisory committee, developing a demographic profile, defining the project vision,scope and guiding principles, assessing age-friendly assets and gaps, engaging with the community and developing an action plan.

The International Federation on Aging and the World Health Organization Department of Ageing and Life Course are pleased to co-present the 2017 IFA/WHO Webinar Series. This series, featuring experts from around the world, will explore a number of critical and emerging topics on Healthy Ageing. All attendees are welcome – older adults, local, regional and national government policymakers, NGOs, clinicians, urban planners, and all those with an interest in building environments in which we can all continue to enjoy lives of value as we age. Participation is free and registration is strongly recommended. Register here.

As part of Recolour Grey, Grey County’s Five Year Official Plan Review, the County recently partnered with students from the University of Guelph to look at policies that better support youth and older adults. The resulting Grey County Age-Friendly Planning Study is now complete. Thank you to the students from Guelph, and to all those who participated in the Study through the on-line surveys and the emails received. The results of this Study will now be considered through the Recolour Grey review of our County Official Plan.

Research has shown that the most successful fall prevention programs focus on the conditions of the individual, the conditions of the environment, and the interaction between the two. There are a lot of opportunities in the design of the home, spanning from simple safety measures to remodeling, so that seniors can enjoy their days without exerting a lot of mental energy on fall prevention.

This study shows that the level of frailty was distributed along the socioeconomic gradient in both higher and lower income countries such that those individuals with less education and income were more likely to be frail. 

The mandate of the Thorold Ad Hoc Age-Friendly Committee is to provide recommendations to the Thorold City Council regarding a strategy and action plan to elevate the profile, level of leadership and engagement of older adults (55+) in the community.

This project will undertake public consultation and develop an Action Plan that will help Durham adapt its structures and services to be more accessible and inclusive of older adults. The consultation process will have an emphasis on engaging the perspectives of older adults living in the rural northern areas of Durham, and seniors from ethno-culturally diverse urban communities in the south along the lakeshore.

The Centre for Studies in Aging and Health is pleased to share a copy of our January Research and Innovation in Aging Forum, Gazing Critically at Age-Friendly Communities on January 17th that was hosted at the Learning & Leadership Centre at Providence Care, 752 King St. W. Kingston, presented by Dr. Mark Rosenberg.  There is a pdf version available for review and a copy of the webinar recording available here.

This project has further extended the work completed by Age-Friendly Niagara by implementing a localized needs assessment for the smaller community of Port Colborne, a member city in the greater Niagara Regional Municipality. This needs assessment was completed in order to form a comprehensive and local needs profile specific to the City of Port Colborne. From this neds assessment the Council-supported Senior Citizens' Advisory Council (SCAC) will create an Age-Friendly action plan that responds to the explicit needs expressed by local comunity members.

This project has resulted in defining local principles, the development of a custom needs assessment, and created a local action plan. The Township completed a community survey and held two focus groups. The report and recommendations were adopted by Council in October of 2016. The AFC planning work and the recommendations from the final report are being considered during applicable project development.