On Wednesday January 10th at McMasters main campus, Sally Chivers of Trent University will be discussing the question of how he tools of disability studies and the disability movement could improve considerations of and actions for older adults drawing attention to how pervasively ageism relies on ableism.

This guide will cover all the adjustments you should consider making room by room, with tips on creating both the safest surroundings and the most secure environment. Many of them are simple enough to complete on your own, but others may require the skills of a trained professional to ensure the safest result. 

Planning for the future of households in which there is a person with intellectual disabilities living with a parent or parents should ideally start long before the problems associated with age and ageing become relevant. In addition, although grief is a natural outcome of separation and loss, the further unhappiness, fear and confusion arising from traumatic events which have not been planned - or even talked about, either before, during or after they occur - may be alleviated.