Southeast Regional Integrated Memory Program (RIMP)

Living with memory loss can be challenging. The SE Regional Integrated Memory Program (RIMP) is an innovative outpatient program at Providence Care supporting individuals with cognitive disorders and their care partners with a specialized integrated approach. Click here to learn more about the program and steps you can take to be as healthy as possible.

2022 Conference – Inspiring Inclusive Communities in Ontario: Moving age-friendly insights, innovations and strategies into action

March 22-24: Inspiring Inclusive Communities in Ontario: Moving age-friendly insights, innovations and strategies into action is a free, virtual, 3-day conference for Age-Friendly Community Initiatives in Ontario, planners, implementers, researchers, academics and policy makers.

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Older Adults, Physical Distancing & Social Isolation During the COVID-19 Pandemic – What can Communities do NOW?

Presenters Dr. John Puxty and Sarah Webster discussed the barriers that are particularly challenging for older adults during isolation and some of the creative ways that communities are ensuring that older adults are informed and able to access the services they need while adhering to physical distancing guidelines.

Centre for Studies in Aging & Health: Creating, Applying & Sharing Knowledge Providence Care
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eHealth Care Resources for Health Care Professionals and Individuals & Caregivers.

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The SE Regional Integrated Memory Program (RIMP) is a unique inter-professional service which provides a comprehensive diagnostic assessment, cross consultation, follow-up care and access to supports and therapies for individuals with memory and related cognitive problems.

Information about the Ontario Age-Friendly Communities Outreach Program.

The Centre for Studies in Aging & Health (CSAH) at Providence Care in Kingston, Ontario works within four pillars of knowledge exchange, education, capacity building and research to improve the health and well-being of older adults with complex needs and their caregivers. is the web host for CSAH.

Featured Articles

CSAH Linkages: June 2022 (Exercise)

Linkages is a monthly e-newsletter that includes a listing of upcoming events, opportunities and updates related to aging, health and caring for older adults. This month’s reading list features some of the most recent academic publications on exercise.

Reading List: Exercise and Older Adults

This reading list includes links to and summaries of a variety of resources regarding exercise.

Blog: Intergenerational Day Canada

June 1st is Intergenerational Day Canada. Since 2010, this day has been officially recognized by 12 provinces and territories and over 100 Canadian cities.

eFit Assessment and Guidelines: Exercise

Physical activity is defined as any bodily movement produced by the skeletal muscles resulting in energy expenditure that exceeds resting energy expenditure. Exercise is considered a subcategory of physical activity and is defined as planned, structured, and repetitive body movements that are performed to improve or maintain one or more components of physical activity.

Webinar: AVOID Frailty – How Activity Can Reduce Risk

Frailty is a medical condition of reduced function and health in older adults. Getting older doesn’t necessarily mean someone is frail, but it does increase the odds of developing multiple medical conditions and frailty.

Resources for Individuals & Caregivers: Stay Active

Living with memory loss can be challenging. It is important to take steps to be as active and healthy as possible. Research shows that there are many things that you can do to enhance health and quality of life when living with memory loss.

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