Community Profile
Name of Committee: Age-Friendly Vaughan Advisory Committee
Population: 323,103 (2021)
Email: Adam Mobbs (Acting Recreation Manager, Community Centre)


Municipal core funding where appropriate through annual budget process, applications for grants will be explored (ie: New Horizons for Seniors grant, Seniors Community Grant Program). Further funding opportunities to be explored through municipal partnerships and sponsorships.


This profile was updated in July 2023.


Age-Friendly Program Description
Our vision is for Vaughan to be a community of choice for all generations which is supported through our principles of equity, collaboration, accountability, connection, and inclusion. The Age-Friendly Community Action Plan was ratified by City of Vaughan Council on April 26, 2022.

Our next steps include the operationalization of the Plan to include the implementation schedule and inclusion in the 2022-2026 Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan and reported back annually through the Strategic Plan Oversight Teams.

Our Plan has 28 recommendations for action:

Outdoor Spaces and Public Buildings

  1. Continue to explore opportunities to expand winter snow removal program
  2. Continue to ensure park and open space design incorporate accessibility, safety, and recreational opportunities
  3. Continue to make improvements to age-friendly street design
  4. Support accessible community gardens
  5. Identify opportunities to create more walkable neighbourhoods


  1. Continue to enhance bus stop accessibility, comfort and safety
  2. Promote alternative transportation options
  3. Increase awareness of transit options
  4. Explore opportunities for needs-based transit subsidy


  1. Establish policies to support a range of affordable and accessible housing options
  2. Explore HomeShare program options
  3. Increase awareness of home adaptation programs
  4. Promote and support in-home support options

Respect and Social Inclusion

  1. Celebrate seniors and youth through art
  2. Increase awareness to help combat ageism and elder abuse
  3. Explore integration of some local club events/programs
  4. Engage and partner with community organizations to identify unique and diverse needs of older adults

Civic Participation and Employment

  1. Promote and share volunteer and employment opportunities
  2. Expand age-friendly awareness among local businesses
  3. Engage with OATF in community planning

Communication and Information

  1. Expand digital access and literacy
  2. Enhance online presence of community information and services
  3. Continue to create positive and inclusive messaging and promotional material

Community Support and Health Services

  1. Explore opportunities to develop a community hub
  2. Encourage partnerships with local health care agencies

Social Participation

  1. Continue to expand diversity of recreational programs and inter-generational program
  2. Explore opportunities for additional training for front line staff to support seniors
  3. In partnership with community organizations, coordinate monthly ‘Coffee Connections’

Additional recommendations to support the creation of an age-friendly system at the City of Vaughan include:

  • Developing a ‘checklist’ or decision-making framework. The goal of this decision-making framework is to provide a structure to guide decision making through an age-friendly lens across municipal departments. This framework should also be developed in consultation with the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force.
  • Establishing the requirement, through the procurement process, that consultants who deliver work for the City demonstrate a commitment to the principles and vision of this Plan.
  • Examining opportunities to establish an Age-Friendly Coordinator role at the City.
  • Joining Ontario’s Network of Age- Friendly Community Initiatives.
  • Exploring membership to the WHO Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities.
  • Supporting the work underway to establish an Intergovernmental Age- Friendly Working Group to further support the initiatives of this plan through partnerships with other levels of government.
  • Preparing, and sharing, annual age-friendly community progress reports. These reports would list each recommendation and whether it is fully, partially, or not implemented yet.
  • Conducting a full review of the Community Action Plan in 2026.