Community Profile

Name of Committee: TLTI Age Friendly Committee
Population: 9,804 (2021)

This profile was updated in July 2023.


Age-Friendly Program Description

Municipal Council adopted the community drive Age-Friendly Action Plan in June 2018. This 5-year guiding document identifies actions items that staff and volunteers will address based on priority (as indicated within the document). The AFC will meet semi-annually to monitor progress and adapt the course as necessary to account for grants, emerging opportunities etc.  The main focus will be on programming, social inclusion and communications with some longer-term goal such as improving accessibility, and seeking transportation options.

Current and Completed AFC Projects, Programs and Initiatives

Social Participation

  • Fall Picnic at Charleston Lake PP (In partnership with Friends of Charleston Lake PP)
  • OSCARS (Program to increase awareness about local recreational opportunities) (ALL ages)

Communication & Information

  • Free computer training (offered by the local library)
  • Annual Seniors Expo