About the Ontario Age-Friendly Communities Outreach Program

The Government of Ontario funds the Ontario Age-Friendly Communities (AFC) Outreach Program through the Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility. The AFC Outreach Program is managed by the Centre for Studies in Aging and Health in partnership with Queen’s University.

The AFC Outreach Program builds on and complements the Ontario Age-Friendly Community Planning Guide. The AFC Outreach Program aims to increase:

  • awareness of age-friendly planning principles
  • access to best-practice research and information
  • connectivity between age-friendly community initiatives to enable the spread of promising practices and collective response to emerging gaps
  • capacity of age-friendly community initiatives to plan, implement, evaluate and sustain their age-friendly activities

For any age-friendly questions, please contact the program Knowledge Broker, Lisa Brancaccio, by phone 1-844-276-5756 or email brancacl@providencecare.ca.

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