Community Profile

Population: 39,474 (2021)


  • Municipal Funding (ongoing)
  • Seniors Community Grant (2020-21)

This profile was updated in July 2023.


Age-Friendly Program Description

The County of Brant completed its very first Age Friendly Community Plan in 2021. The plan was adopted and approved in September 2021.

Current and Completed AFC Projects, Programs and Initiatives

Outdoor Spaces and Public Buildings

  • Age-Friendly Universal and Accessible Park/Facility Design Audit


  • Transportation Barriers Study

Social Participation

  • Age-Friendly Recreation Programs/Tech Programs – Community Partnerships Series

Respect & Social Inclusion

  • Elder Abuse Strategy

Civic Participation & Employment

  • Investigated Voting Barriers
  • Increased Volunteer Capacity

Communication & Information

  • Communications Plan