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Name of Committee: Grand River Council on Aging (Support, committee to be developed)
Population: 36,707


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This profile was updated July 2018.


Age-Friendly Program Description

In 2008, the County of Brant worked closely with community partners to generate a conversation and start planning for an Age-Friendly community. These efforts led to the Master Aging Plan (2008), a guide used for strategic planning, which has been implemented, monitored and evaluated through collaborative planning among multiple sectors of government and community partners. A number of goals and objectives were proposed, including maintaining and supporting infrastructure, optimizing community programs and services, fostering health and wellness, improving support systems, and raising the profile of seniors in the community. A series of community forums were held with 63 community members attending, including seniors, family members, and service providers. Information gathered at forums was used by the Planning Committee to set both priorities and goals. In 2009, an Implementation Action Plan was developed to link goals and strategies to the original Master Aging Plan with suggestions for the continued evolution. There were three main recommendations following the action plan: to acknowledge, reinforce and communicate existing community initiatives that support goals of Master Aging Plan, encourage implementation of designated strategies and increase community engagement in ongoing development, implementation and monitoring of the Master Aging Plan. In 2013 a report compiled of community results was developed. 

In 2015 & 2016, the County of Brant partnered with the Grand River Council on Aging, MPP Dave Levac, City of Brantford, and Six Nations of the Grand River, to lead an Age Friendly Community Summit consultation process. The summit offered 8 sessions focused on identifying opportunities to maximize age friendly planning in regards to the internal framework of Outdoor Spaces and Buildings, Transportation, Social Participation, Civic participation & Employment, Housing, Community Support & Health Services, Respect & Social Inclusion & Communication & Information. This report compiled of a number of specific recommendations which will be incorporated into future planning across many departments within the County of Brant. Next steps for recommendations would be to conduct a community needs assessment, and develop internal framework strategies when developing programs, policies and procedures within the County of Brant. 

Next steps are to compile all recommendations utilizing both the Master Aging Plan data, and all recommendations from community summit to create a 5 year operational plan within all departments of the County of Brant.

Current and Completed AFC Projects, Programs and Initiatives

Outdoor Spaces and Public Buildings

  • Age-Friendly Universal and Accessible Park/Facility Design Audit


  • Transportation Barriers Study

Social Participation

  • Age-Friendly Recreation Programs/Tech Programs – Community Partnerships Series 

Respect & Social Inclusion

  • Elder Abuse Strategy

Civic Participation & Employment

  • Investigated Voting Barriers 
  • Increased Volunteer Capacity 

Communication & Information

  • Communications Plan


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