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Population: 328,966


  • Municipal Core Funding

This profile was updated July 2018.


Age-Friendly Program Description

City of Markham is currently in the process of implementing programs, services and development of policies to greater serve the need of seniors in the community.  Our primary focus has been to work with our regional partner to complete the following work:

  1. Streamline an ability to pay subsidy model to ensure that we support seniors that need financial assistance and to remove barriers in accessing city programs and services.  Our goal is to our subsidy programs, so that individuals accessing subsidy from the region will also receive subsidy in the same format within the City of Markham.
  2. AFC development guidelines – we’ve been working with York Region to ensure that our development plans are aligned.  Alignment to AFC parameters is critical.  Our development services team continually meets with the Chief Planner of York Region and also Transportation to ensure that AFC elements are included in all future builds.
  3. Communication – we are looking to build a consolidated web portal that allow older adults in the community to look and gather information from a single source of information.  The goal is to centralize information resources, so that navigation can be simplified.
Current and Completed AFC Projects, Programs and Initiatives

Outdoor Spaces and Public Buildings

  • Parks Renaissance Program (Revitalizing City Parks with seating nodes, shade, etc.)
  • Age Friendly Cities and Design aspects (Implemented into Development Services)
  • Accessible Washrooms

Social Participation

  • Physical Literacy in Senior Club Programming (Recreation programming specifically catering to Residents who are age 70+ years of age and implementation of Physical Literacy in senior club programming)
  • New Program Registration System (New program registration system for City program and services to help eliminate barrier)
  • Ability to Pay Model with York Region (Underway – Research Phase)

Respect & Social Inclusion

  • Increased opportunities for seniors to provide feedback to city programs and services (Parks Renaissance Program and Public Realm Programming)
  • Senior Acknowledgement in the Community (Seniors Hall of Fame and Canada Day Senior’s Luncheon)

Civic Participation & Employment

  • Promote Senior Volunteers (Senior club programming)


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