Community Profile

Population: 721,600


  • AFC Planning Grant (Ministry of Seniors Affairs)

This profile was updated 2017.


Age-Friendly Program Description

The primary purpose of this project is to accelerate the City of Mississauga’s efforts to become an Age Friendly Community. Specific objectives include:

  • Enhance the capacity of the City to serve as the backbone organization to advance AFC.  This will include hiring dedicated staff (Age Friendly Community Project Assistant) to support the City’s Community Development Unit who will provide leadership for this initiative. 
  • Identify priorities for action in each of the eight AFC Dimensions by conducting a self-assessment (formative evaluation)
  • Renew the City’s Older Adult Plan to align with the eight Dimensions of the AFC Framework and self-assessment results
  • Develop and implement action plans to advance priority actions for each of the eight dimensions
  • Establish and maintain formal structures to ensure a multi-sectorial perspective,  commitment and support to advance AFC priorities including the Older Adult Advisory Panel (city staff, citizens), Older Adult Committees at each of the 12 community centres (city staff, community groups and volunteers); and Action Teams for  the eight AFC dimensions
  • Develop and implement a stakeholder engagement and awareness plan to generate and sustain commitment to advance Action Plan for an Age-friendly Mississauga.
  • Hosted an Age Friendly Mississauga Forum, welcoming over 80 attendees including Mississauga older adult residents, the Older Adult Advisory Panel members, City of Mississauga staff, and representatives from local governments, businesses and organizations
  • Launched the Age Friendly Mississauga Action Task Groups February 15, 2017
  • Track and monitor progress on project deliverables and communicate results to maximize available resources and facilitate process improvements as appropriate.
  • Apply to WHO for an Age Friendly Community designation – planned for November 2017