Community Profile

Name of Committee: Uxbridge Age-Friendly Advisory Committee
Population: 21,556 (2021)


  • Council approved a small amount of funding to help in the execution of the plan.

This profile was updated in July 2023.


Age-Friendly Program Description

The Committee was mandated by Council to undertake consultation with older adults and present a community assessment report. The report was endorsed by Council along with an Age-Friendly vision and values statement. Based on the community assessment report, the Age-Friendly Community Advisory Committee developed an action plan, that was submitted to Council in September 2019.

The plan had three basic goals:

1) To make sure the basic needs of older adults are met;

2) To make it easier for older adults to get around;

3) To ensure older adults are respected, connected and informed.

In pursuit of these goals, the report outlined 14 strategies and 36 recommendations.

The Coronavirus hit Uxbridge in March 2020, necessitating the shutdown of in-person activities and impacting the rollout of the Age-Friendly Community Plan. Throughout the pandemic, the A-FCAC continued to meet via video conferencing and assisted in the rollout of some group activities for older adults conducted remotely.

In April of 2022, the AFCAC submitted a progress report outlining 41 examples of incremental improvements made by and in the community and noted that the actions of the committee and township staff leverage considerable grant funds to help achieve some of the local improvements



Outdoor Spaces and Public Buildings

  • The new medical building on Campbell Drive and the anticipated future investment in a new long-term care facility and upgrades to the hospital will make health care more convenient and accessible.
  • Capital upgrades to the Seniors’ Centre will make it more accessible and welcoming to older adults of all levels of ability.
  • Township staff and elected officials are more aware of how best to serve people with dementia after attending a workshop put on by the Alzheimer Society of Durham Region.
  • The Council’s decision to pave walking paths in Quaker Common, keep the walking paths in Elgin Park free of ice and snow in winter, and its proposal to make public washrooms more available year-round directly address a need identified in the Age-Friendly Community Action Plan.
  • The Region has installed new signalized crosswalks in several locations at the request of the Township.
  • Upon request from Uxbridge, Durham Region increased pedestrian crossing times at the lights at Douglas Road and Toronto Street.

Social Participation

  • ‘Tea-and-Talk’ sessions, called “CommuniTeas,” organized by the Township with a grant from the Province, were a popular way for older adults to socialize while learning and enjoying refreshments prepared and served by students of the Uxbridge Senior Secondary School’s Culinary Arts Program.

Communication & Information

  • A 2022 Seniors’ Community Grant will allow the Township to create a 40-page community resource guide for the aging population in Uxbridge. Called ‘Bridge the Gap,’ it will provide information on local seniors’ community resources, activities, programs and clubs. It will include information for caregivers who have been under increased strain due to the pandemic.
  • The funds Council provided to support the age-friendly initiative and the one-day-per-week staff support leveraged more than $54,000 in Provincial grant funding. In addition, more than $120,000 in capital funding from the federal and provincial governments and the private sector made upgrading the Seniors’ Centre possible.