Community Profile

Name of Committee: Age-Friendly Whitby Network
Population: 138,501 (2021)


  • Municipal one-time funding
  • SALC funding

This profile was updated in July 2023.


Age-Friendly Program Description

Council approved the Network’s Age-Friendly Whitby Action Plan in 2017 and implementation is underway. In 2017, the Network provided 12 workshops educating seniors on Age-Friendly matters such as Fire Prevention, Cycling Safety, Support in Grieving, Dementia and Caregiving. An Age-Friendly Business Checklist was developed and Age-Friendly Business 101 Seminars took place. As well, the Network advocated to their local MP and MPP on health, transportation and housing matters. The Network is also an active partner of the newly formed Durham Region Council on Aging.

For 2018, The Network is focusing on developing an Age-Friendly Business Recognition Program, Housing/Home Sharing Option Seminars, and implementation of a Seniors Without Walls program, Snow Angels, and continued advocacy with local MP and MPPs.

Current and Completed AFC Projects, Programs and Initiatives


  • Housing Registry (Working with the Durham Council on Aging to make a region-wide housing registry)

Social Participation

  • Seniors Workshops (Grant to implement 12 workshops)
  • Seniors Centre Without Walls

Respect & Social Inclusion

  • LGBTQ Education
  • Age-Friendly Businesses

Civic Participation & Employment

  • Snow Angels (Recognition program for people who help shovel driveways)

Communication & Information

  • Doors Open – Seniors Services