Community Profile

Name of Committee: Burlington Age-Friendly Council
Population: 125,435 (2021)


  • Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant

This profile was updated in July 2023.


Age-Friendly Program Description

In 2016, Community Development Halton received a three-year Ontario Trillium Foundation Grow Grant to enhance the work of the Burlington Age-Friendly Council (BAFC). The Council is made up of an independent body of individuals and organizations dedicated to improving the well-being of older adults. The BAFC works collectively with community members, groups, and organizations to achieve common goals. Currently, there is a focus on building capacity to deliver Empowering Seniors Education Series on topics that are relevant to older adults. The BAFC committee work includes Housing, Transportation and Mobility, Communication & Information, Respect and Social Inclusion and Social Participation.

The BAFC will be addressing the domain of Civic Participation and Employment, its challenges, implications, gaps, and strengths from a variety of perspectives, including issues pertaining to ageism.

Currently, the BAFC is undergoing an evaluation process with results expected in early 2019.

Current and Completed AFC Projects, Programs and Initiatives


  • “Let’s Ride the Bus” (3-hour event on a bus with lunch included)
  • Free Transit (Offered by the City of Burlington to seniors 65+, Monday to Friday 9:30 am. to 2:30 p.m. This is an 18-month pilot beginning in June)


  • Halton HomeShare Program (Matches older adults with renters who can help with household responsibilities. Halton Housing Help screens applicants and provides follow-up monitoring services)

Social Participation

  • Life After Retirement (Lunch and learn sessions for corporate and non-profit partners that explore topics that focus on active aging and are led by volunteer senior connectors)

Respect & Social Inclusion

  • Grandpals Program (Intergenerational program where seniors in community and retirement facilities exchange letters with grades 4.5, and 7 classes)
  • French Connection (Intergenerational program where French speaking seniors meet every other week with grade 7/8 French immersion students to hold French conversations – improving language skills, breaking down barriers of ageism, and cultivating and enhancing French language)
  • ‘It’s Not Right’ Elder Abuse Prevention 

Communication & Information

  • Senior Connector Program (Local services train senior volunteers who then set up booths in public spaces to share information with and answer questions from their peers)
  • Speakers Bureau (Series on Age-Friendly Topics given in Burlington)
  • Empowering Seniors Education Series