Aging in community: A focus on older LGBTQ2+ Canadians


Age-friendly initiatives have gained traction in Canada and internationally, with many Canadian communities making commitments to becoming age-friendly. Aging lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, and two-spirit (LGBTQ2+) Canadians are a diverse subpopulation whose social histories and contexts may not have been considered in such initiatives. This pan-Canadian project aims to examine models of age-friendly communities that have a particular focus on the inclusion of diverse aging communities. The work will include exploring the following questions:  How do the existing Age-Friendly Communities (AFC) initiative and existing Canadian age-friendly communities ensure inclusion of LGBTQ2+ older adults? How does a community become both age-friendly and LGBTQ2+ friendly? 


  • Dr. Kim Wilson, Associate Professor,  Dept. of Family Relations & Applied Nutrition, University of Guelph
  • Dr. Arne Stinchcombe, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Recreation & Leisure,  Brock University


  • University of Guelph  &  Brock University
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