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Research and Evaluation at Canada HomeShare

Research and Evaluation at Canada HomeShare

Aging in Place with Canada HomeShare

Dec 14, 2021 | Blog, Knowledge Exchange

January 2022 blog post written by Melissa Macri, Research and Evaluation at Canada HomeShare

Do you know any older adults aged 55 or over with a spare bedroom in their home who could benefit from some supplemental income and assistance around the home? Canada HomeShare could help them age-in-place more comfortably!

Canada HomeShare is an intergenerational homesharing program run by the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (NICE) that matches post-secondary students with older adult home providers to live together. In exchange for affordable housing (students pay between $400-$600 per month directly to their home provider per month) students contribute up to 7 hours of assistance around the home and/or companionship for their home provider per week.

“We know that intergenerational relationship development on a community level supports aging-in-place and serves to prevent and reverse social isolation and loneliness.” says Zaina Baig, Kingston HomeShare Pilot Site Coordinator

Keeping older adults in their communities also has broader economic and social benefits. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation explains how a diverse age mix is actually a great investment into the community. Older adults tend to have less debt and spend significantly in their local communities. This supports employment and the tax base of the municipality. Older adults also contribute to the community through volunteer hours and by supporting their family members.

Barriers to aging in place are often simple tasks that become more challenging with age. If left undone these simple tasks – such as changing light bulbs, taking out the garbage, running errands in bad weather, lifting heavy objects and snow maintenance – can become push factors for older adults to move out of their homes and communities. Through participation in Canada HomeShare, older adults can receive assistance with many of these tasks, supporting them to age-in-place.

Canada HomeShare has launched in 10 cities across Canada. To find out more or apply visit

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