Art Seymour ~ Patient Advocate


Art Seymour spent over 35 years in The Canadian Air Navigation System. Before retiring from Transport Canada,  Art directed large 24/7 operations across Canada, consisting of over 800 staff at over 90 locations , keeping the “highways in the sky” safe for millions of the flying public.

Art and his wife, Yvonne, have been involved in community volunteering across various community sectors in the Cobourg area over the last 18 years. They have received Cobourg Civics Awards for their service. In 2013, they participated on two different committees within the PATH (Partners Advancing Transitions in Health Care) Project, aimed to design and implement a 3 yr. special health system pilot project for over 100 Seniors.

In 2016, Art drafted a paper entitled “Health System – Comments,” which has received wide distribution and positive feedback by many concerned seniors entities. In 2017 Art was recruited to join the CE-LHIN PFAC. Art’s main objective is to encourage Patients to advocate more for themselves within the health system. His goal is to ensure health providers are are more aware of other issues facing patients (e.g. anxiety when not getting results, social isolation effect).