The GrandPals Project

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Brain Stimulation

Living with memory loss can be challenging. It is important to take steps to be as healthy as possible. Healthy food provides the fuel and good nutrients that your body needs to function efficiently, maintain general health and wellness and provide energy for your daily activities.

How Dementia Affects Behaviours

Dementia can cause changes in the behaviour of friends and loved ones. These unpredictable changes in behaviour of people living with dementia are intentional responses to their current environment. Such changes are very common, but they can place enormous stress on families and carers. Understanding why someone is behaving in a particular way may help families and caregivers to cope.

Intimacy & Sexuality

Driving is the primary mode of transportation for a large majority of Canadian adults, including seniors. 68% of older adults 65 to 74 years old and 31% of those over the age of 85 reported driving their own vehicle as their primary mode of transportation. Driving a motor vehicle (such as a car or a bus) is a complex and potentially risky activity. Although driving is a privilege, some people incorrectly view it as a right.