Connectedness, Purpose, and Belonging: Role of Social Prescribing in Integrating Health Care and Social Supports

April 29, 2020. Sonia Hsiung describes an initiative aimed at improving health outcomes for marginalized and socially isolated people and reducing health systems utilization by creating a clinical pathway between mainstream health systems and community and voluntary supports, which has shown promising results and galvanized wide interest nationally.

Older Adults, Physical Distancing & Social Isolation During the COVID-19 Pandemic – What can Communities do NOW?

Presenters Dr. John Puxty and Sarah Webster discussed the barriers that are particularly challenging for older adults during isolation and some of the creative ways that communities are ensuring that older adults are informed and able to access the services they need while adhering to physical distancing guidelines.

Climate Change, Vulnerability & Health Equity in Canada: Understanding Linkages to Inform Adaptation

January 23, 2020. Peter Berry and Rebekka Schnitter share information on the health risks to Canadians from climate change and discuss a new framework for understanding intersecting vulnerabilities that is being developed for the next national climate change and health assessment are discussed in this presentation.

To Everything There is a Season: Reflections from Hamilton and Ottawa on Sustaining Social Inclusion Initiatives in the Community

November 20, 2019. Bonnie Schroeder and Pat Spadafora explore concepts of isolation and inclusion, discuss grassroot and system/policy approaches to sustain the activities and outcomes, and reflect on lessons learned, opportunities and challenges from each community.