Ontario Collaborative for Aging Well

The Ontario Collaborative for Aging Well (OCAW) is a grass-roots group of local, regional and provincial partners who work with older adults living with or at risk of frailty.

Age-friendly Kingston Community Alliance

The Age-Friendly Kingston Community Alliance (AFKCA) is a collaborative of community members, organizations, municipal departments, Councils, institutions and businesses in the City of Kingston, Ontario that support and promote the implementation of age-friendly priorities and actions in the City.

Ontario Interdisciplinary Council on Aging and Health (OICAH)

The Ontario Interdisciplinary Council for Aging & Health seeks to enhance the well-being of older adults in Ontario by promoting partnerships and collaboration among universities and stakeholders to improve interdisciplinary and interprofessional education, research, policy and practice related to aging.

The MSAA Seniors Liaison Committee

The Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility Seniors Liaison Committee (SLC), is chaired by the Ministry’s Assistant Deputy Minister responsible for seniors’ policy.

The Canadian Frailty Network

The Centre for Studies in Aging and Health works closely with the Canadian Frailty Network to promote common goals, strategically align health promotion and prevention messaging for older adults with frailty, and collaborate on activities of mutual interest.