Catherine Ingram

Catherine Ingram

Patient/Care Partner Representative, Older Adult Care Partner Advisory Committee, Provincial Geriatrics Leadership Ontario

Catherine Ingram ~ Patient Care Partner Representative – Provincial Geriatrics Leadership Ontario 


Born in Montreal, moved to Whitby in August, 2001 at the age of 56.  Catherine is now widowed since 2017, after being married for over 50 years.  Her family includes a daughter and son with their spouses and three grown grandsons. In Montreal Catherine  worked as a Manager in the manufacturing Industry, procurement and production planning, for over 20 years and in Whitby as a part time Library Assistant at WPL from 2002-2016,  then as a call in from 2017-2020.  

Over the years Catherine has navigated the Quebec and Ontario Health Care system as an advocate,  as well as when caring  for various family members including her husband who died from Heart Failure after many years of Valvular Heart Disease, including 3 open heart surgeries. Catherine has been an active Volunteer in the Community with a special interest in Palliative and Elder Care, visiting home bound people and LTC residents for over 15 years. Her core values are a belief in an obligation of care to  all members of society  both  as individuals and as a collective. Catherine is a hobby artist and gardener, enjoying the visual wonders of this earth.