Cheryl Forchuk (Western University)


Current Activity
Forchuk has published on many topics including transitional discharge, therapeutic relationships, technology in mental health care, poverty, housing and homelessness. Upcoming books are on Poverty, Social Inclusion and Mental health and on Therapeutic Relationships to the Transitional Discharge Model. Current research projects include Facilitating the adoption of intelligent assistive technology by older adults through the development of high-fidelity simulation experiences for nursing education and Smart Technologies in the Home: Developing and Testing Strategies for Seniors with Severe Mental Illness.

Areas of Interest

  • Mobility
  • Nutrition
  • Mental health
  • Socialization and participation 
  • Substance use and misuse
  • Exercise
  • Healthy aging
  • Social isolation and loneliness
  • Poverty
  • Technology

Approaches to Innovation

  • Policy development 
  • Quality improvement 
  • Evaluation 
  • Network building 
  • Knowledge translation and exchange 
  • Resource and tool development


  • The Beryl and Richard Ivey Research Chair in Aging, Mental Health, Rehabilitation and Recovery 
  • College of Reviewers 
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research 

Student Mentorship
Looking to supervise:

  • Undergraduate students
  • Master’s students
  • PhD students
  • Older adults pursuing higher education