Frailty is a dynamic condition experienced by many older adults. It is a vulnerability to adverse outcomes resulting from an interaction of physical, socio-economic and co-morbidity factors. Major adverse events are more common among frail older adults in comparison to non-frail older adults. (1) 

Frailty is strongly linked to mortality, long term care home admission and falls. Frailty prevalence increases with age, although it can occur independently from chronological age. (2) Inactivity, poor nutrition, and social isolation or loneliness, and multiple medications contribute to frailty.

Frailty Module 1: Frailty and Early Detection

Frailty Module 2: Contributory Factors of Frailty

Frailty Module 3: Recognizing & Assessing Frailty

Frailty Module 4: Managing the Frail Older Adult

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