Heart disease refers to what is really a group of conditions that affect the structure and functions of the heart and has many root causes. Heart diseases can be grouped together according to how they affect the structure or function of your heart.

  • Coronary artery and vascular diseases are due to hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), causing arteries to be narrowed or blocked which can result in heart attacks and angina.
  • Heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias) disrupt blood flow.
  • Structural heart disease refers to abnormalities of the heart’s structure, including the valves, walls, muscles or blood vessels near the heart.
  • Heart failure is a serious condition that develops after the heart becomes damaged or weakened by heart attack and high blood pressure.
  • Other heart diseases include infections, enlarged heart muscles and inherited disorders.

Heart Disease Module 1: Heart Disease and Stroke

Heart Disease Module 2: Incidence & Prevalence

Heart Disease Module 3: Risk Factors & Management

Heart Disease Module 4: Recommendations