Creating Safe and Respectful Communities for Older Adults: How Elder Abuse can be Prevented through Age-Friendly Community Plans

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Date: September 25 2019


  • Raeann Rideout, M.A., Director Partnerships and Outreach & Regional Consultant, Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario

The abuse of older adults is becoming all too common in our communities, but by effectively planning for and supporting age-friendly communities, the risks for elder abuse can be mitigated and the abuse prevented.  

Communities across Ontario have been developing Age-Friendly Plans/Strategies and actively engaging in the implementation of these measures, to enhance relevant programs and services to support these communities. The prevention of elder abuse can be integrated within various elements of the World Health Organization’s framework, including Respect and Social Inclusion, and Social Participation.

By being responsive to the needs of older adults, who are vulnerable, at-risk or experiencing abuse, we can create environments that will positively and directly impact the quality of life as people age.

During this webinar the presenter discussed:
– Elder Abuse Prevention and the Role of Community Partnerships & Community Development
– The correlation between Age-Friendly Communities and prevention of elder abuse
– How we collectively address issues of ageism and isolation
– Examples of how Age-Friendly community action has addressed Elder Abuse
– Examples of ON Elder Abuse Networks reaching out to seniors and the role EAPO plays in collaborative community initiatives
– What more can we do to support effective policy responses, social networks and fostering social inclusion



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