Nicole Dalmer, MLIS, PhD

Nicole Dalmer, MLIS, PhD

Assistant Professor - Department of Health, Aging and Society

Nicole Dalmer (McMaster University)


Current Activity
With a background in Library and Information Science, Nicole’s SSHRC and AGE-WELL funded-work resides at the intersection of information and care, studying how aging in place contexts, assumptions surrounding digital literacies, and evolving family responsibilities shape who is able and who is expected to be informed in care relationships. Other ongoing projects include an international collaboration examining the impact of digital infrastructures on feelings of connectedness in later life as well as an investigation into the role of community infrastructures (including public libraries) in mitigating older adults’ experiences of social isolation.

Areas of Interest

  • Age-friendly communities
  • Caregiver support and education
  • Housing
  • Policy
  • Critical gerontology
  • Technology

Approaches to Innovation

  • Policy
  • Technology & Aging
  • Arts-based methods