Elke Ruthig, RN, BScN, MHS

Elke Ruthig, RN, BScN, MHS

Project Manager, Patient, Family and Consumer Education - Baycrest

Elke Ruthig (Baycrest)


Current Activity
In 2011, the Baycrest Centre for Education and Knowledge Exchange in Aging strategically acknowledged the changing information and educational needs of culturally and linguistically diverse Canadian health consumers; sixty percent (60%) of those who do not have the health literacy skills needed to engage in and self-manage their care effectively in a knowledge economy.

In December 2018, the Centre launched a Patient, Family and Consumer Education program with the intent to address the health literacy skills of Baycrest patients, residents, families and caregivers and enhance their partnership in care. The design and development of this program (program infrastructure, staff capacity building, access to health information, developing quality education resources and QI) is my main focus at this time.

Areas of Interest

  • Health promotion
  • Caregiver support and education
  • Many topics fall with the category of Patient & Family Education