2018 Conference – Empowering Older Adults: Opportunities & Possibilities

On May 25, 2018  The Centre for Studies in Aging & Health at Providence Care Hospital, Kingston, held our 2018 conference which focused on the topics of social isolation, poverty and age-friendly communities. Conference presentations are available by viewing the full page.


Keynote:  Healthy Aging and Social Connections: Why Should We Care?
Dr. Parminder Raina, McMaster University
This presentation reviewed highlights of the key findings and baseline data from the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA). To learn more about the CLSA click here.

Treating Poverty: Clinical Tools for Older Adults
Dr. Esther Ernst, St. Michael’s Hospital
This presentation used a case study approach to explore trends related to poverty among older adults living in Canada, examine an evidence-based argument for intervening in poverty and provide practical ways healthcare providers can intervene in poverty.

Abuse Among Older LGBTQ Adults: Barriers and Opportunities for Support
Stéphanie Cadieux, Elder Abuse Ontario
This presentation introduced the problem of elder abuse in Ontario and how to identify it.  Special considerations for older LGBTQ populations were reviewed along with supportive resources.

Panel Discussion on Memory Loss
Dianne McIntyre, Upper Canada Family Health Team
Dr. Melissa Andrew, Queen’s University
Dr. John Puxty, Queen’s University
This presentation included introductions to memory loss supports in South East Ontario in the primary care, geriatric psychiatry outreach and geriatric medicine settings. To accessgeriatric medinical clinic referral forms at Providence Care Hospital, click here.

So What do I do With this? Applying a Competency Framework to Practice – the Possibilities and the Pitfalls
Kelly Kay, Seniors Care Network
This presentation provided an overview of the competency framework for interprofessional CGA. She examined the applications for interprofessional practice and provided an update on current knowledge to action activities. She concluded with a review of the major critiques associated with competency based practice to help practitioners avoid pitfalls.

Development of a Measure of the Healthcare Experiences of Persons With Dementia and Their Caregivers
Jeanette Prorok, University of Waterloo
This presentation gave an overview of the 3 phases involved in the development of the measurement tool, the methods, highlights of results and next steps. This PowerPoint is unavailable as the study is currently active.

The Last Taboo: Sexuality, Aging & Dementia
Debora Steele, Former Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant
This presentation to start the dialogue about sexuality, aging & dementia. The presentation offered a way of increasing awareness, understanding LTC home resident rights, discussing autonomy versus risk, and more.

Deprescribing in Geriatrics and at End of Life
Dr. Leah Nemiroff, Dalhousie University
This presentation uses a case study approach to introduce polypharmacy, define deprescribing, review screening tools, guidelines, data investigating medication use at the end of life and barriers to deprescribing. To view the BEERS criteria scale, click here.

Medical Cannabis use in the Older Patient
Dr. Amanjot Sidhu, McMaster University
This presentation described the pathophysiology of how cannabis works, the types and strains.  She discussed the indications for use and how to identify eligible patients. She reviewed the formulations that are senior friendly and how to prescribe and monitor patients that are on cannabis therapy as well as barriers to its use.

Aging Well: Exploring Grassroots Models of Senior Social Living
Jen Recknagel, UHN OPENLAB
This presentation provided an overview of a series of projects looking at the experience of aging in the healthcare system and an exploratory research project looking at grassroots models of seniors supportive living. To learn more, click here.

Oasis: One Model of a Naturally Occurring Retirement Community
Judith Mackenzie, Board of Directors – Oasis Seniors Supportive Living Inc.
This presentation overviews the Oasis model as a successful model of a naturally occurring retirement community (NORC).

Hamilton Seniors Isolation Impact Plan
Taralyn Prindiville, Hamilton Council on Aging
This presentation described the successes, challenges and lessons learned from the Hamilton Seniors Isolation Impact Plan.

Seniors and Law Enforcement Together
Roop Sandhu, OPP
This presentation overviewing the South Frontenac SALT program, it’s mission and role in assisting community dwelling seniors to age-in-place.

Community Paramedicine: Filling the Gaps Together
Jason Kervin, Frontenac Paramedic Services
This presentation overviewed the role of community paramedicine, rural wellness clinics, community referrals by EMS and research regarding the effectiveness of community paramedicine.