FrailSurvey: A Mobile Phone App for Self-Assessment of the Frailty Status Among Community-Dwelling Older People

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FRAILSURVEY is a mobile phone app for self-assessment of frailty status among community-dwelling older people. This mobile app is free of charge, being available for IOS and Android operating systems. The screening of frailty status was based on the Groningen Frailty Index. The app assesses diverse sides of the life of the elderly, namely their mobility, physical shape, vision, hearing, nutrition, as well as cognitive and psychosocial aspects.

In the end, the older adults were classified as robust, pre-frail or frail. When the older adult is classified as pre-frail or frail some recommendations were available. The results obtained in terms of frailty status will be important for healthy ageing, as it can help lifestyles changes to prevent or revert they frail status. This app collects data in an anonymous way and generates a database for research proposes.

FRAILSURVEY was developed by Porto4Ageing of University of Porto, financed by DG CNECT through 2016 Transfer of Innovation Twinning Support Scheme to contribute to the European scaling-up strategy of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing. The twinning scheme as applied in the Active and Healthy Ageing domain is a new concept that aims to de-risk investment in digital innovative ICT solutions by financing the exchange of knowledge and good practice in digital health solutions with high potential for replicability and scaling upThis app was originally launched by Porto4Ageing reference site in Portuguese language but has been upgraded and is now available also in English and Italian, allowing its use across Europe.