Geriatric Medicine Clinics


The Geriatric Medicine Clinics at Providence Care Hospital provide inter-professional assessment, diagnosis, stabilization and rehabilitation services as required to frail elderly patients. This includes individuals with memory disorders often associated with other functional problems and multiple chronic diseases.


We usually see individuals 75 years and over with problems of memory and/or other cognitive problems often associated with multiple other chronic diseases.

We also see individuals requiring specialized memory assessment because of:

  • Suspected dementia
  • Complex presentations often associated with functional decline
  • Opinion regarding the ability to drive
  • Advice on treatment issues relating to probable dementia
  • Referrals should come directly from family doctors or other medical specialists in consultation with the family physician.


Geriatric Medicine Clinics operate out of Providence Care Hospital and are supported by members of the Division of Geriatric Medicine.  As needed, the clinics also provide access to an interprofessional team involving nursing, social work, neuropsychiatry, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Members of the Division of Geriatric Medicine include:

  • Dr. Christopher Frank
  • Dr. Michelle Gibson
  • Dr. Sudeep Gill
  • Dr. Taleen Haddad
  • Dr. Leah Nemiroff
  • Dr. John Puxty
  • Dr. Kate Trebuss
  • Dr. Erica Weir


A family member or friend who is familiar with your memory concerns must accompany you to the clinic. We recommend you not drive yourself to the clinic. Please bring a list of all medications.

If you are a new patient, please plan to be at the clinic for at least a 1.5-hour appointment. Most follow-up visits are shorter (30-60 minutes). In some instances, part of the assessment may be conducted virtually either by telephone or videoconferencing.


After you register for the clinic, you will be guided to the clinic area, where you will be met by one of the nurses who will check your weight, pulse and blood pressure. The nurse may also collect background information about your memory issues and carry out some tests on your memory.

Once the memory testing is complete, you will meet with one of our doctors (this may be a resident or one of the specialists). They will ask further questions about your memory concerns, previous medical history, related family history, medication use and lifestyle. A comprehensive physical examination will follow to guide them in making a diagnosis and identifying reversible factors. It may be necessary to organize additional blood tests or brain imaging studies during or after the clinic.

The physician will share with you the results of their preliminary assessment and discuss possible diagnoses and next steps, including making recommendations about ways in which you can improve your function. In most instances, a follow-up appointment will be required to confirm the preliminary diagnosis and treatment plans


Geriatric Medicine Clinics operate out of Providence Care Hospital, 752 King St. West, Kingston, K7L 4X3. They normally operate on Monday –Friday from 9 am  to 4.30 pm.

The clinic is based at Providence Care Hospital, 752 King St. West, Kingston, K7L 4X3.  The entrance to the hospital grounds is off King Street at Portsmouth Avenue.

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