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The diagnosis of delirium is made based on the presence of an acute change in mental status with inattention, and either disorganized thinking or altered level of consciousness. Delirium is usually multi-factorial and occurs after an inciting event or illness in a person who is vulnerable. (1)

4AT Delirium & Cognition Assessment Test:
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Confusion Assessment Method (CAM):

Delirium Index:
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Ultrabrief 2-item (UB-2) Screen for Delirium:
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Best Practices Quick Reference Guide Care of Older Adults: Delirium (Island Health):
Brief Confusion Assessment Method (bCAM) Flow Sheet (Vanderbilt University):
Flow Sheet
CCSMH 2014 Guidelines Update: The Assessment and Treatment of Delirium (Canadian Coalition for Seniors’ Mental Health):
Delirium: Prevention, Diagnosis and Management (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence):
Delirium Decision Tree (Island Health):
Flow Sheet
Guidance on Delirium Care for Older Adults in the Community (Rpgtoronto.ca) :
Mnemonic for Causes of Delirium (IWATCHDEATH) (eFit Resources CSAH):
eFit Resource
National Gudelines for Seniors’ Mental Health: The Assessment and Treatment of Delirium (Canadian Coalition for Seniors’ Mental Health):   
Richmond Agitation Sedation Scale (RASS) (Acclaim Health):
RNAO: Delirium, Dementia, and Depression in Older Adults: Assessment and Care (Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario):
Searching for Solutions for Delirium (Island Health):

SIGN 157: Risk Reduction and Management of Delirium (Healthcare Improvement Scotland):

Reading List: Delirium in Older Adults

A Holistic Approach to Delirium at the End of Life Journal ( Journal of Palliative Care & Medicine ):
Delirium: Urgency or Emergency? ( Provincial Geriatrics Leadership Ontario, sfCare, RGP Toronto ):
Clinician’s Handbook 
Personal Support Worker’s Handbook 
Delirium in the Older Person ( Sagelink ):


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