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Frailty is a dynamic condition experienced by many older adults. It is a vulnerability to adverse outcomes resulting from an interaction of physical, socio-economic and co-morbidity factors. Major adverse events are more common among frail older adults in comparison to non-frail older adults. (1)   

Frailty is strongly linked to mortality, long term care home admission and falls. Frailty prevalence increases with age, although it can occur independently from chronological age. (2) Inactivity, poor nutrition, and social isolation or loneliness, and multiple medications contribute to frailty. 

Clinical Frailty Scale:
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Fatigue Severity Scale:
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Frailty Index for Elders: 
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Frailty Phenotype Screening Tool:
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Functional Assessment Staging Tool:

GPHE Self-Report:
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GPHE Periodic Health Exam:
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Pictorial Fit Frail Scale: 
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PRISMA-7 Questionnaire:
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PROMIS Short Form:

Rapid Geriatric Assessment:
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Algorithm for Fall Risk Screening, Assessment, and Intervention (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention):
Fit for Frailty Part 1: Consensus Best Practice Guidance for the Care of Older People Living in Community and Outpatient Settings British Geriatrics Society):
Frailty Care Guidelines – Ambulatory Care (Nova Scotia Health Authority):
Frailty Care Guidelines – Continuing Care (Nova Scotia Health Authority):
Frailty Care Guidelines – ED/Inpatient  (Nova Scotia Health Authority):
Frailty Care Guidelines – Primary Health Care (Nova Scotia Health Authority):
Frailty in Older Adults – Early Identification and Management (British Columbia Ministry of Health): 

Frailty Screening In Primary Care (Senior’s Care Network)
Health Quality Ontario: Hip Fracture, Care for People with Fragility Fractures (Health Quality Ontario):
Quality Standards
Rehabilitative Care for Older Adults Living with Frailty Guideline and Hip Fracture (Rehab Care Alliance):


Reading List: Frailty & Older Adults


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