eFit – HCP: Intimacy & Sexuality

Many older adults remain sexually active. Health care practitioners should ask all older adults how their sex lives have changed for them and, if so, how. By asking this question you can identify and address any sexual problems. (1)

Emotional Intimacy Scale:

Personall Assessment of Intimacy in Relationshipos (PAIR):
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Sexuality Assessment PLISSIT:
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In Focus: Sexuality and Aging (Canadian Research Network for Care in the Community):
Fact Sheet

Reading List: Sexuality & Sexual Health in Later Life
Reading List: Considerations in Caring for LGBTQ Elders

Abuse among Older LGBTQ Adults: Barriers and Opportunities for Support (Sagelink):
An Introduction to the Health of Two-Spirit People: Historical, Contemporary and Emergent Issues (National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health):
Questions & Answers: Prevention of sexually transmitted and blood borne infections among older adults (Public Health Agency of Canada):
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