Inclusive Design and Age-Friendly Communities

Tuesday, June 19 from 12-1 PM EDT. Join this webinar as Jordana Maisel and Brittany Perez give a presentation about inclusive design and age-friendly communities. Inclusive design is becoming a higher priority across municipalities due to the increasing societal focus on preventative health outcomes, community participation and engagement, and an aging population. Register here.

This webinar will provide health care professionals, designers, and other critical stakeholders with the most up-to-date knowledge, tools, and resources in the field of inclusive design. Webinar participants will get a quick reintroduction to inclusive design. They will then be asked to apply this knowledge to their own practice settings and learn how to reduce the risk of falls through inclusive design across diverse domains of the built environment. Finally, they will learn how Age Friendly Communities can serve as a model for creating well-designed, livable communities.