Intergenerational Day Canada

May 31, 2022 | Blog, Knowledge Exchange

June 1st is INTERGENERATIONAL DAY CANADA. Since 2010, this day has been officially recognized by 12 provinces and territories and over 100 Canadian cities. New Brunswick, Manitoba and Ontario governments have proclaimed the day ‘in perpetuity’, giving year-long importance to this healthy community initiative. It is a day to reflect and act upon the boundless opportunities for intergenerational engagement.

Why is this important?

Research has shown that by simply encouraging intentional and respectful intergenerational relationships, isolation and loneliness are dissipated in both generations:  improving mental, social, physical and emotional health.

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Artist statement

“When designing our logo, we chose the tree to represent growth, along with the twisted trunk that really symbolizes intergenerational relationships and the connections we all have. The faces in the tree’s branches were used to show how the different generations come together to do amazing things. The colors of the leaves melding together in the middle of the tree was an obvious visual “mixing”; while the faces are more hidden, encouraging the viewers to look deeper into the design. It is noteworthy that purple is the representational colour of Alzheimers and Elder Abuse Awareness.  The circular nature of our design speaks to the mutual benefit of all the people involved, a win-win for everyone.

We hope that you can all appreciate our work of “heart”.”

– Nathan Avila, Avery Early & Kearsey Lebeau