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Though we would like to see you on Sagelink every day, we know that in the fast-paced field of seniors’ health this is just not realistic! To keep you up to date, CSAH and SHKN publishes Linkages, a monthly e-newsletter. Linkages features updates on provincial projects related to the care of older adults,  continuous learning opportunities and a monthly reading list.
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Recent & Past Newsletters

CSAH & SHKN Linkages October 2017
Spotlight on Substance Misuse & Abuse in the Older Adult

CSAH & SHKN Linkages September 2017
Spotlight on Understanding Care Issues of Older Immigrants

CSAH Linkages August 2017
Spotlight on Care of the Older Offender

CSAH Linkages July 2017
Spotlight on Age-Friendly Communities

CSAH Linkages June 2017
Spotlight on Elder Abuse

CSAH Linkages May 2017
Spotlight on Frailty and Older Adults

CSAH Linkages April 2017
Spotlight on Advance Care Planning and Health Care Consent in Ontario

CSAH Linkages March 2017
Spotlight on Diversity & Inequality Considerations for Older Adults

CSAH Linkages February 2017
Spotlight on Quality Improvement

CSAH Linkages January 2017
Spotlight on Mental Health

CSAH Linkages December 2016
Spotlight on Supporting Care Partners of those with Dementia

CSAH Linkages November 2016
Spotlight on Collaborative Care

CSAH Linkages October 2016
Spotlight on Liver Health 

CSAH Linkages September 2016
Spotlight on Mental Health Considerations for the Older Adult

CSAH Linkages August 2016
Spotlight on Bone and Joint Health and the Older Adult

CSAH Linkages July 2016
Spotlight on Infection in Older Adults

CSAH Linkages June 2016
Spotlight on Skin Integrity

CSAH Linkages May 2016
Spotlight on Diabetes

CSAH Linkages: April 2016
Spotlight on Lungs and Respiration

CSAH Linkages: March 2016
Spotlight on Polypharmacy and Medication

CSAH Linkages: February 2016
Spotlight on Sensory Changes

CSAH Linkages:  January 2016
Spotlight on Heart Disease

CSAH Linkages:  December 2015
Spotlight on Pain in the Older Adult

CSAH Linkages:  November 2015
Spotlight on Falls & Mobility

CSAH Linkages:  October 2015
Spotlight on Capacity & Consent

CSAH Linkages:  September 2015
Spotlight on Symptom Management

CSAH Linkages:  August 2015
Spotlight on Thyroid Disease

CSAH Linkages:  July 2015
Spotlight on Age-Friendly Communities

Spotlight on Elder Abuse
Spotlight on Heart Disease
Spotlight on  Advance Care Plans
Spotlight on Osteoporosis
Assessment: Fracture Risk Assessment Tool
Featured Research: Calcium Supplementation
Featured Blog: Capture the Fracture
Spotlight on Depression
Guideline: Guidelines and Management of Major Depressive Disorder
Assessment: 5-item Geriatric Depression Scale
Management: Caregiver Strategies for Older Adults with Delirium, Dementia, and Depression
Spotlight on Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Guideline: A Guide to Healthy Eating for Older Adults
Assessment: Nutri-eScreen
Featured Publication: Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Aging
Featured Blog: Vitamin D and Older Adults- What You Should Know
Spotlight on Behavioural Issues
List of local Community Resources
Guidelines and Protocols: Introduction to BPSD- a Handbook for Family Physcians 
Featured Blog: Mesothelioma in the Elderly
Spotlight on Medications and Polypharmacy
Guidelines and Protocols: Beers Criteria for Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in Older Adults
Featured Publication: Medication Use Among Senior Canadians
Special Features: KFL&A Public Health's Immunzations for Older Adults, and Seniors Health Knowledge Network's Medication Safety webinars
Spotlight on Poverty
Guidelines and Protocols: Poverty: A Clinical Tool for Primary Care in Ontario
Clinical Education: If you Want to Help Me, Prescribe Me Money, Our Greatest Assests: Economic Security Among Canadian Older Adults
Resources for Seniors: Take Care of Your Income
Featured Publications & Reports: Aging in Poverty in Canada, Ontario's Aging Population:Challenges & Opportunities
Special Feature: Kingston Helps
Spotlight on Dementia
Guidelines and Protocols: Caregiving Strategies for Older Adults with Delirium, Dementia, and Depression
Assessment Tools: Clock Drawing Test, MoCA, Cornell Scale, Mini-Mental Status Exam, DOS
Management Strategies: Recommendations, Non-Pharmacological Approaches to Dementia, Crisis Intervention
Education Material and Resources for Seniors on Dementia
Spotlight on Frailty
Guidelines and Protocols: Explanations for the Preventive Care Checklist
Assessment Tools for Frailty (CFS, IADL Performance Scale)
Frailty Management Strategies and Education Material
Featured Blog: Plain Language
Spotlight on Delirium 
Delirium Guideline and Assessment Resource
Handouts and Information Sheets on Delirium for Seniors
Featured Blog: Heat and the Elderly
Spotlight on Falls & Immobiity
Falls Resources for Seniors & CaregiversFeatured Research, Publications & Reports and Events
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