Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities – the OASIS Model

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Date: June 28 2018


  • Helen Cooper, President, Board of Directors, OASIS Seniors Supportive Living Inc.

Oasis is a grass-roots developed program for seniors operating out of a privately owned and operated apartment building in central Kingston. Since its inception in 2008, Oasis has rested on the philosophy that the seniors who choose to become members of Oasis have an integral role to play in determining their own programming. Oasis focuses on the social determinants of health common to all seniors, including social inclusion, physical activity, good nutrition and enhanced health and social service navigation. Recently, Oasis has gained province-wide recognition as a successful alternative housing model for older adults who often cannot afford private residential care.

In this webinar, the presenter reviewed the Oasis structure and core partnerships necessary to keep it true to its mandate and described upcoming research projects, conducted in partnership with faculty of the Queen’s School of Rehabilitation Therapy and focused on the expansion and evaluation of Oasis.