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Falls are a serious issue for older adults. An estimated 1 in 3 older adults fall each year1.  In 2010, falls were responsible for the most injury deaths in Ontario and generated $2.8 billion in costs to the provincial economy2. Falls can disable, cause mental distress and may result in a loss of independence. The good news is that most falls are predictable and preventable. However, among the significant challenges for practitioners working in fall prevention is working in isolation, knowing where to find the best available evidence on what works and knowing who is already actively working on the issues to avoid duplication of efforts.

With these challenges in mind the Fall Prevention Community of Practice is thrilled to announce its new, online communication platform. Launched on September 15th, 2015, Loop connects you with Community of Practice members across Ontario and beyond who share your passion for fall prevention. We inform, share ideas and support each other to improve the implementation of evidence-informed fall prevention practices.

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Loop is for Fall Prevention Community of Practice members

The Fall Prevention Community of Practice has been around since 2010 supporting the fall prevention efforts of researchers, educators, policy makers, leaders and direct care staff. Register on Loop to build your profile and start interacting with our community. There is so much to gain and give. We have over 1700 members ready to join Loop. Why work alone? Membership is FREE. Together we can create supportive communities where older adults enjoy independence and health through the prevention of falls.


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Visit to see how Loop can help you in your work. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Vous pouvez également naviguer Loop en français!  Vous pouvez partir des discussions et partager des ressources en français sur la prévention des chutes. Tout est possible sur Loop!

Visitez et devenex member de la Communauté engage pour la prevention des chutes. Pour toute question concernant le site Loop, veuillez communiquer avec Hélene Gagné.

Rhonda Lovell RN, BNSc.
Co-Chair, Fall Prevention Community of Practice

1Statistics Canada. (2014). Understanding seniors’ risk of falling and their perception of risk. Statistics Canada Catalogue no.82-624-X. Ottawa, ON.

2Parachute. (2015). The Cost of Injury in Canada. Toronto, ON: Parachute.