Ontario Collaborative for Aging Well


The Ontario Collaborative for Aging Well (OCAW) is a grass-roots group of local, regional and provincial partners who work with older adults living with or at risk of frailty. Arising out of demand for support to manage the care of individuals living with frailty from emerging Ontario Health Teams (OHTs), the Collaborative brings together 25 organizations representing: age friendly communities; caregivers; dementia experts; francophone planners; mental health and addictions experts; older adults; rehabilitative experts; research and academic institutes; OHTs (inclusive of primary care); and specialized geriatric services.

This eclectic group is focused on using their combined expertise to answer practical questions for OHTs and primary care organizations who have identified older adults living with physical, cognitive, social and mental health related frailty.

This group is managed by Provincial Geriatrics Leadership Ontario and the Centre for Studies in Aging and Health at Providence Care.

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