Optimizing Memory Function

Cognitive function is an important feature of successful aging, affecting our ability to commutate and interact and influencing our quality of life, functional independence, and risk of institutionalization. Sustaining brain health and cognitive function over the course of a lifetime is important to allow someone to maximize their overall ability and independence.

 Each moment of each day we make choices that can affect how our brain health and cognitive function in terms of our diet, physical and cognitive activity, social networks, and substance use and the management of our health.  Our challenge is to increase the choices we make that promote a healthy brain.

 There is no specific prescription that works across the board but experts talk about the following strategies being beneficial:

  • Minimizing risk factors for poor brain health and function
  • Making appropriate lifestyle adjustments
    • Diet
    • Activity
    • Stress reduction
    • Social stimulation
  • Stimulating your Brain
  • Ensuring good communication between you and others
  • Use of memory aides
  • Creating an enabling environment
  • Use of appropriate technology