eFit Primary Care Resources - Frailty

A comprehensive assessment tool geared to primary care, aimed at detecting, preventing and controlling risk factors in the elderly. It is based on evidence based practice and current health care recommendations and targets high risk geriatric issues (giants), common co-morbidities and other diseases. 15 pages. An introduction (3 Pages) and Patient Screening Questionnaire (5 Pages) are included for download.

This assessment tool is a brief , valid reliable tool which can be used by clinicians without special training in geriatric medicine to assess the frailty of the older patient. It assesses 10 domains including cognitive impairment and balance and mobility.

A 9 point clinical assessment tool for clinicians in various settings to assess the level of patient frailty, which assesses risk for death and/or the need for institutional care. 1 page.

This 5-Item Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) screening / assessment tool is used for identifying depression in older adults. Applicable for a wide range of settings and can be used with older adults including those with mild to moderate cognitive impairment. 1 page.

Pre-frailty and frailty is an example of an elder care issue that, when identified and treated, may negatively impact quality metrics for the simple reasons that older adults don’t respond as well to treatment as younger cohorts.