eFit Primary Care Resources - Frailty

The research article provides an update on changes to the Canadian Preventive Care Checklist (PCC) Form© including updates on vitamin D and calcium supplementation, depression screening and lifestyle modifications in obese patients, blood pressure targets in hypertension, dyslipidemia screening, and new vaccination recommendations from the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI). 5 Pages.

This research article describes the results of a survey given to family physicians to determine their practice of, knowledge about and attitudes toward delivering preventative care during periodic health exams (PHE's). 8 Pages.

Edmonton Frailty Scale - eForm

The Edmonton Frailty Scale is used to assess a person for their level of frailty. The form provides instructions on how to administer the assessment and measure the outcomes.

This research paper discusses the need to develop more efficient methods to detect frailty and measure its severity to inform routine clinical practice in the elderly and guiding choices in relation to invasive procedures and treatment toward more appropriate goal directed care. 11 pages.

This meta-analysis provides a summary of the primary findings and conclusions on the effects of general health checks on morbidity and mortality. 2 Pages.