Clinical Care Resources - Pain

A free self-directed learning package for nurses in long-term care on assessment and management of pain in the elderly.

The Canadian Guideline is presented in two separate documents: Part A (Executive Summary and Background) and Part B (Recommendations for Practice).  PDF versions posted on this website are the official Canadian Guideline documents. Web formatted content is the unofficial version of the Guideline. While best efforts have been made to ensure accuracy and consistency with the official documents, if any discrepancies exist in the web format, content of the PDF version shall apply. 

This supplement to the AGS Clinical Practice Guidelines on the Management of Chronic Pain in Older Adults discusses the evidence that physical activity may play a preventative and restorative role in functional capacity in those with osteoarthritis (OA). 16 pages. Last reviewed August 2018.

This publication outlines the standards of practice for all Speech-Language Pathologists in Ontario when providing services to individuals who present with acquired cognitive communication disorders. 50 pages. Last reviewed January, 2019.