Promoting Intersectoral Collaboration to Support Frail Adults with IDD in the Community

Webinar Archive Description

On Nov. 19th 2019 this webinar focused on the collaboration between Reena and the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network shared “Call to Action” resources to support individuals, families, and providers in the context of frailty and IDD.

Presenters Lynn MartinHélène Ouellette-Kuntz and Tori Barabash providee information on:

  • Frailty among adults with IDD
  • Principles and recommendations to guide action on frailty
  • Key elements of effective intersectoral collaboration in the context of supporting adults with IDD who are frail

Presenter Bios

Dr. Lynn Martin

  • PhD, Health Studies and Gerontology (University of Waterloo, 2005)
  • MA, Développement Humain (Laurentian University, 2000)
  • Hon. Psychologie (Laurentian University, 1998)
  • BA Psychologie (University of Ottawa, 1997)
Research Interests:

Over the last decade, I have developed an applied program of research focused on the health and service utilization of vulnerable populations – in particular, persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities, persons with mental illness, and older adults.

Hélène Ouellette-Kuntz (PhD)
Dr. Oullette-Kuntz is an epidemiologist and Professor in the Departments of Public Health Sciences and Psychiatry (Division of Developmental Disabilities) at Queen’s University. She has a PhD in Human Geography and an MSc in Epidemiology, both from Queen’s University.

Tori Barabash

Educational Background:  BScH Biology, Queen’s University
Supervisor:  Will King
Thesis Title:  Solar ultraviolet radiation and colorectal cancer risk in Canada