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Here are links to organizations involved directly or indirectly with the issue of elder abuse prevention.

Advocacy Centre for the Elderly

The Advocacy Centre for the Elderly is a community based legal clinic for low income senior citizens. ACE provides direct legal services to low-income seniors, public legal education, and engages in law reform activities. ACE services and activities are in relation to areas of law of special importance to the seniorsí population.

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Council on Aging Senior's Peer Support Line

The Council on Aging provides a toll free phone support line to provide assistance to seniors who are experiencing abuse or neglect in Kingston and the surrounding area.

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Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers is a partnership of the public, police and media which provides the community with a proactive program to anonymously assist in solving crime. The Seniors Crime Stoppers / Elder Abuse initiative addresses situations where seniors are being victimized by the criminal acts of others. This criminal activity is typically broken down into four sub-groups: physical abuse, psychological or emotional abuse, financial abuse or neglect.

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Elder Abuse Ontario (formerly the Ontario Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse)

Elder Abuse Ontario is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to raising awareness about the abuse and neglect of older adults. Their mission is to create an Ontario that is free from abuse for all seniors, through education, training, collaboration, service coordination and advocacy.

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Elder Law Clinic, Faculty of Law at Queen's University

The Elder Law Clinic is a program that is geared to helping older adults (age 60+) who are unable to retain private counsel. Law students, under professional supervision, are able to assist older adults on a range of legal issues dealing with aging.

Elder Law is a relatively new area of specialist practice. The Faculty of Law has created the Clinic to address the need for specialized training for lawyers and to provide services to older adults on an appropriate range of legal issues in the Kingston area.

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Frontenac-Kingston Council on Aging

The Council on Aging is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of all seniors in the Townships of North, Central, and South Frontenac, the Frontenac Islands and the City of Kingston. They also operate Elder Abuse Prevention Services as a standing committee of the Council on Aging.

The Council works to:

  • Participate in reseach, planning and coordination of services for seniors
  • Prevent and address elder abuse through Peer Support and community education
  • Research and develop programs to address issues arising from the aging of our community
  • Share information on issues of concern to seniors
  • Make recommendations to decision makers
  • Inform the general public about issues surrounding our aging population
  • Support and encourage seniors to voice issues and concerns to all levels of government and to the general public.

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National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly

National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly is an international network of researchers, practitioners, students and seniors dedicated to improving the care of older adults, both in Canada and abroad.

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Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee

The Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee (OPGT) is plays a role in protecting mentally incapable people, protecting the public's interest in charities, searching for heirs for estates which the OPGT administers, investing perpetual care funds, and dealing with dissolved corporations. The OPGT also produces a Power of Attorney Kit that will help someone appoint a person to make decisions for them when they are no longer able to do so for themselves. The OPGT is part of Ontario's Ministry of the Attorney General.

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Ontario Provincial Police

The Ontario Provincial Police has recognized the need for a specialized response to incidents of abuse and has designated a Provincial Abuse Issues Coordinator, and also six Regional Abuse Issues Coordinators. These officers receive specialized training in the areas of domestic/family violence, child abuse, missing children, sexual assaults and crimes against seniors.

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The South East Community Care Access Centre (SE CCAC) provides information and referral to local organizations providing elder abuse prevention services through their web site,

CCACs are funded and regulated by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and coordinate a variety of health services to maintain an individualís health, independence and quality of life.

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Senior Safety Team

Leeds & Grenville's Senior Safety Program provides information regarding door to door salesmen, elder abuse, financial abuse, frauds and scams,  high risk elder abuse review team, home safety and more.  Links to a variety of helpful websites are also listed on  

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