Southeast Regional Integrated Memory Program

The SE Regional Integrated Memory Program (RIMP) is an innovative outpatient program at Providence Care supporting individuals with cognitive disorders and their care partners with a specialized integrated approach. This program will provide diagnostic assessment, cross consultation, follow-up care and recommend evidence-based interprofessional care plans for individuals with dementia and their caregivers.

The RIMP will aim to enhance and complement existing services involved in dementia care (including but not limited to Community Seniors Mental Health Behavioural Support Services, Geriatric Medicine Clinics, Seniors Day Rehabilitation, and Primary-care Led Memory Clinics). The RIMP is a collaborative endeavor run jointly by geriatric psychiatry, geriatric medicine, and neurology.

The RIMP will provide access to an inter-professional team involving medicine, nursing, neuropsychology, social work, neuropsychiatry, and occupational therapy along with community services such as Home and Community Care and the Alzheimer Society, and other community support services.

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