Regional Integrated Fall Prevention and Management Stakeholders Update

Thurs. Jun 23rd 2016.  Presenters, Rhonda Lovell and Megan Jaquith provided an update on the work to date in the development of a Regional Integrated Fall Prevention and Management Strategy for South East Ontario.  This webinar provided an opportunity to share feedback on the drafted strategy as well as information regarding opportunities in the further development and implementation of the strategy. View a recording of the webinar here.  

South East Ontario has the highest proportion of older adults in the province. Falls among this population can have a significant impact on older adults, their families and the health care system. In South East Ontario the rates of emergency department visits and hospitalizations related to falls are higher than the provincial average. As this population continues to grow, a comprehensive strategy with an emphasis on fall prevention and management is imperative to improve quality of life for older adults and to lessen the burden of falls in this region.

On June 19 2015 a number of stakeholders within the health sector convened to form a group dedicated to the advancement of such a strategy for South East Ontario. A small group of attendees from that day committed to preparing a draft strategy for the region with a commitment to obtaining feedback from the original June 19 group. 

The following agencies assisted in the development of the draft strategy: