Lora Bruyn Martin, BSc Kinesiology, MASc Systems Design Engineering

Lora Bruyn Martin, BSc Kinesiology, MASc Systems Design Engineering

Innovation Specialist - Schlegel Villages

Lora Bruyn Martin (Schlegel Villages)


Current Activity
In my role as Innovation Specialist I have three areas of focus. First, I help to build internal innovation capacity within our organization by building innovation teams within our villages. Innovation teams consist of multi-disciplinary team members who use design thinking to identify and innovate solutions for common challenges they experience in the villages. Second, I work closely with the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging to improve the uptake of evidence into practice. Finally, I collaborate with the innovation community so that our organization and innovators co-design solutions to suit the needs of our industry.


Areas of Interest

  • Changing the culture of aging
  • Age-friendly communities
  • Chronic disease and aging
  • End of life/ Palliative care
  • Health promotion
  • Mobility issues
  • Non-pharmacological treatment
  • Pain
  • Caregiver support and education
  • Fall and injury prevention
  • Housing (Staying at “home”, retirement homes, assisted living, long term care)
  • LGBTQ+ issues
  • Nutrition
  • Sexuality and intimacy
  • Isolation
  • Mental health
  • Normal aging
  • Policy
  • Sleep
  • Socialization and participation

Approaches to Innovation

  • Clinical care models/guidelines
  • Quality improvement
  • Evaluation
  • Technology and aging


  • LOOP Falls Prevention CoP