Featured Research

The Centre for Studies in Aging and Health (CSAH) is pleased to spotlight some of the emerging regional, provincial and national research related to aging. If you have any emerging or completed research you would like included, please let us know: info@sagelink.ca.

Vaccine Uptake in Canadian Adults 2019

Led By: Public Health Agency of Canada
The Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Coverage Survey is a yearly telephone survey that collects information about the flu shot in Canada. Each flu season, the survey estimates how many people get the flu shot as well as knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about the flu shot.

Impact of Hospitalization Due to Influenza on Short and Long-Term Frailty in Older Adults

Led By: Canadian Immunization Research Network (CIRN)
This study will compare frailty at baseline, at enrollment, at 30 days post-discharge, and at 1 year between cases and controls, in order to assess the impact of hospitalization due to influenza on short- and long-term frailty and to examine differences between influenza and other reasons for hospital admission.

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