Using Research-based Film to Improve the Care of Older LGBTQ People Aging at Home

RIAF 2020, RIAF Sessions


Date: July 29, 2020


While there is a large body of research to demonstrate the importance of culturally competent care for supporting the health and well-being of older LGBTQ persons, home care providers in Canada continue to receive little education in this regard. Consequently, providers may lack the needed awareness and skills to recognize and support older LGBTQ persons when providing care to this community. To address this gap between research and practice, in partnership with community stakeholders and with funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Dr. Alisa Grigorovich and Siobhan Churchill developed a short research-based film. The film – Out at Home – combines documentary footage of interviews with older LGBTQ adults and advocates with dramatized vignettes, based on research, to model examples of how to provide quality care to LGBTQ older adults in the context of common home care interactions.

During the presentation, Dr. Grigorovich and Ms. Churchill screened the film and explored its potential for reducing stigma and improving gaps in knowledge regarding LGBTQ older adults in home care services. They explored with participants the impact of the film, its usefulness to informing their own practice and understanding in this area, as well as suggestions for additional educational tools and materials to support its uptake.

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