Knowledge Exchange

Research and Innovation in Aging Forum: Design of Devices to Increase Independence

The Centre for Studies in Aging and Health is pleased to share a copy of our February Research and Innovation in Aging Forum Design of Devices to Increase Independence presented by Dr. Claire Davies. A recording of the presentation is available here.

 Objectives of this presentation included:

  • Understand interdisciplinary collaborations in the design of assistive devices
  • Identify some overlaps between engineering and health care when working with devices
  • Understand the importance of ensuring the user is paramount in the design process.
  • Review recent design innovations, developed with older adults in the community, e.g pill box, ostomy bag guide, finger splint


Claire Davies comes from a diverse background having attended Queen’s University for her undergraduate degree, the University of Calgary for her masters and the University of Waterloo for her doctorate. She did a postdoctoral research fellowship in the Department of Surgery at the University of Auckland before taking an academic role in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Auckland, and is now at Queen's. From an industrial standpoint, for several years she was a rehabilitation engineer for the Saskatchewan Abilities Council, developed an industrial biomedical engineering Master's program with Fisher and Paykel Healthcare in New Zealand, and has acted as an expert witness in the Auckland High Court.